Vanilla friends?

So your vanilla friends… Have they ever tried any of your fetish wear? If so what did they think of it? I’ve had friends try latex and leather, none of them with the same response to it as me. One of my male friends who tried my latex jeans constantly giggled at how cold they felt!

So here’s the question…

This was all brought about after I saw The Book of Mormon in Leeds and the Adolf Hitler character I swear was wearing latex breeches.

A couple of false starts and here I stay…

I’ve tried Patreon, I’ve tried Onlyfans and neither of them have the flexibility of my own little space, so here’s the plan:

I’m going to migrate my blog to a higher WordPress package which allows plugins, and then I’m simply going to stay here. For everything. The higher WordPress package will let me use a much more secure plugin to protect my content and yet it’ll be totally transparent to my followers.

How’s that work?


If you drive like an absolute fool you’ll get your reward.

The black Seat had been driven at excessive speed for quite a while apparently, until karma caught up with the driver and ended his little game in spectacular fashion.

Sadly the owners of the white BMW and the Corsa (in front of the BMW) didn’t deserve what happened to their parked cars, nor did the church on the left deserve to have its wall totalled.

Random thoughts for a Sunday

So I just went on Facebook and I got an advert popped up in my stream for magnetic earrings. Why?

Do I look like the sort of person who wears such an item?! I’ve got 8 flipping holes through my ears! I’m gonna wear the real deal!

Oddly, someone I know recently bought some magnetic bling… I’m sure he copies me sometimes!

Speaking of piercings…

I follow a few people on YouTube who share videos of classic leather in movies and TV series (often German, strangely!) and I’ve noticed a trend with leather in movies and TV. Hear me out.

The “leather guy” will fit into one of these categories:

1. He’s the badass guy. He wears leather because he’s a biker, or because he wants to look like a biker.

2. He’s a “hip young guy”, with peroxide, spiky hair and piercings (usually fake). They’ll often dress him in a really odd rock shirt. Often the actor will miss the mark with the rock/skater/neo culture and will play the character as an absolute dick.

3. He’s the sad middle aged guy. He’ll be clad in leather jeans and a silk shirt. He’s trying to look young but failing, not because of what he’s wearing, but often because the actor isn’t getting the culture of the person he’s portraying.

4. He’s gay, and we’re not talking gay, we’re taking camper than a Scout Jamboree. Everywhere he walks he leaves a trail of rainbows and every time he farts you smell lavender. The actor is often straight and the problem with too many straight guys is they play gay guys really badly – they’ll camp it up far too much. When played by a gay guy on the other hand, they often give really convincing performances.

5. He’s a control freak with neo-Nazi tendencies. Often the outfit will be quite uniform in appearance.

And finally…

6. He’s a main plot character wearing them for the first time, and the ridicule is inevitable.

See if you can find any other styles, but looking back through most of my personal memories I seem to be able to categorise all into one of these.

Anyhow that’s enough for today, and I’m going to leave you with a video – I recently heard this song on one such video and it’s now drilling itself into my skull. It also provides that not all songs in French have to be sung by hot chicks like Vanessa Paradis!

The song is called Tanne and it’s by Canadian Richard Petit. Tanne is roughly used to mean “fed up” or “bored” (although the first one is closer to the true meaning).

Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

Congratulations Ma’am. You’ve been The Queen for over 20 years more than I’ve been on the planet. We are special British and commonwealth citizens to be able to celebrate our first ever Platinum Jubilee.

70 years! Wow!

You’re the longest reigning female monarch (and very soon possibly the longest reigning monarch ever)

Have an absolutely splendid day.

I’m not a huge royalist, but who can’t feel a bit of pride that we still have a monarch with such as huge history? or that many countries have Queens, but only one is called “The Queen” by so many billions of people around the world?

Yeah our country is a mess and being made worse by a bad government, but let’s celebrate this one thing eh?

Happy Pride Month

It’s time for all the global corporations to become LGBTQ+ friendly and wave their rainbow 🏳️‍🌈 flags for the next month, before packing them all up and hiding them back in the cupboard for the other 11 months of the year.

I’m proudly showing my affiliation this month 💙💜❤️ “batting for both teams”.

Have a good one, wherever you are!

Here’s the second set of photos!

Here are the next three photos in my set.

Sadly we’re almost done now! Paying a professional photographer costs rather a lot of money!

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The final photo still needs more editing, but don’t worry I’m keeping the photographer on the line…