30 secrets?

Nah, I’m not telling you 30 – I’ll have nothing left to keep to myself… so instead:

I have an IQ that puts me in the 99.5th percentile… even though I don’t actually ever want to join Mensa or any other fart-arse society for boffins. I don’t show it too often though, do I with my rather peurile sense of humour?

Meanwhile… I have this little teaser for you:

Three men go to a hotel and pay £10 each for a night’s accomodation. Unfortunately, there has been a mix-up with the price and they have over-paid by £5. The manager can’t split £5 equally, so he gives them £1 each and pockets the other £2 himself.

Surely this means they have now paid £9 each for their accomodation – but 3 x 9 is 27, and with the manager’s pocket lining of £2… what happened to the missing £1?

Answers on a comment please.

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