I will not Xerox my butt…

(Simpsons – Bart’s lines)

Meanwhile, here’s a really big secret that will probably make you go oooooooh

I score a 2 on the Kinsey Scale… in simple, plain old fashioned English, I’m not totally heterosexual – but not totally bisexual either… sorta inbetween. I’ve always kept this a secret, because there’s the old how will people respond thingy at the back of my mind.

These days, my attitude has changed. If you don’t like me for who and what I am, then I suppose… your call. Feel free to comment – I don’t mind at all… I’m screening them.

Now that’s a secret!

Meanwhile, in other news, Simon helped me out today at work. He was very good and p clipped about 50 metres of cable. Bearing in mind most sparkies assume 100 metres of cable a day, that’s not too bad at all.


today chose her engagement ring replacement. The original ring was bought when we were very poor. We’re not quite so poor now, so she’s having one with a ruby in it. Not sure why she wants a ruby – probably just colour (nice). I’m posh – my birthstone is Emerald… I would choose the most expensive rock for my birthstone.

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