here’s hoping the cells are hot.

It’s a lovely sunny day. Temporary repairs on the Mazda are well underway. I’ve sewn up the canvas roof, put PVC electrical tape over all the seams and bonded it on with damn good glue, and am preparing to put a coating of sealing adhesive over the top to bond them on. It’ll be as good as we can get with a 10″ slash in the roof… and hopefully the roof will still actually work afterwards.

Unfortunately, it’s an insurance job for a new roof (£500 ish) and a new steering lock mechanism (£200 ish), but we’re pursueing compensation under the victims of crime scheme.

My guess by the tone of voice and general attitude of the police officers who came and took the statements was “at last we’ve got enough witnesses and evidence to bang this little shit up for a long time”.

I expect the CPS will slap his wrists and tell him not to do it again… isn’t life unfair.

Personally I’d love to sharpen that evisceration knife………

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