Camera Policy – and thus it is spoken… and it was good!

A review of camera policy has shown one serious issue – the biggest pains in the neck aren’t members of the CRS anyway… so here it is written in stone and thus it shall be done.

Non members CANNOT bring cameras to gigs. Members – bring whatever you like – SLR, Film or Digital (although obviously if we have a no cameras policy for a particular gig that will override this rule) – and if you intend to take photos at a gig, just tie a small luggage tag or similar to one of the eyelets or the strap on your camera/camera phone showing your membership number and make sure you have your membership card with you!

We can’t say fairer than that can we? – yet another benefit of CRS membership – you can take photos at our gigs.

Note that, contrary to what a certain non-member and general PITA did today, video and audio recording of CRS gigs is not permitted.

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