I’ve turned to the dark side..

Well a few weeks ago actually, but I always said I hated pocket PC… and I did… but Pocket PC running windows mobile 5 isn’t three bad! – it still crashes like a Nova GSi with a 17 year old behind the wheel (regularly and with spectacular results), and it has some quirks that even make me think “Microsoft what were you thinking?”… but firstly it has Block Recognition – yay! – Palm!!! – I used to use that when it was called Graffiti on Palm OS4.5 and 5 devices (before they removed it and replaced it with the godawful Grafitti 2), and it was good… and secondly… how good is the calendar!

Anyway, whilst I’m geeking…. 10 ways to tell you’re a geek:

1. You have a smartphone (that’s me got 1 then)
2. You have a laptop (er…. yep… got me there then)
3. You have a travelling USB cable “just in case” (er… yep got one of those)
4. You understand WEP keys (yep, me too)
5. You have more than one device capable of playing MP3’s (yep… er about 5 at the last count)
6. You have a flickr account (oh well…. doing badly here)
7. You have a t-shirt from think geek (two actually)
8. You can still remember how to program in an 8 bit basic (er… Sinclair, GW and BBC – omg this is looking bad!)
9. You understand HTML, Javascript, PHP and/or other web languages (eeeeeek!)
10. You have a thorough understanding of at least 1 sci fi programme (Dr. Who… oh god)

Oh god I’m a geek!

I suppose that badge on my leather bike jacket saying “NERD” is a bit of a dead giveaway….

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