Sim City 2000 DS = A bit crap really…

I was going to buy Sim City 2000 on the DS the other day, until I realised that actually it’s a bit crap!… I love Sim City 2000 – over and above SC3000 and SC4 – Sim City 2000, for all it’s clunkyness is still the best by a long way.

Things missing from Sim City 2000 DS:

Water – no laying pipes
Highways & onramps & cloverleaf junctions
Terrain – no hills!
Tunnels – the above, hence no tunnels
Signs – you can’t rename areas of your town “bumsville” and “shonkytown”

I just registered Sim City 2000 for my pocket PC instead – $20, rather than £30… oh and it’s compatible with the full size PC version.

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