Shitting Bricks

Not that I’m the scared type, but I’m really worried about Ulley Ressy… it was very full when I went over the bridge the other day (nice pub at the top of Ulley by the way) – they’ve been on about the fact that it will flood the M1 etc, which if you know where Ulley is you’ll understand what I mean…

However… the thing that also worries me is that in the valley near the M1 is the main electrical distribution station for Rotherham. If it goes, expect loss of power.

I really feel for the people in Sheffield who are seeing the same sort of thing, but worse.

I have more photos on my flickr at if you want to see what we’re experiencing in the Don and Dearne valleys… Morphy Richards is flooded though.

I hope everyone is OK, and am checking LJ regularly for updates.

Has anyone heard from Cis & Steve?

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