A long time since I’ve been on here, so a bit of an update…

Yep I haven’t been around for a while (playing with Facebook et al) so I thought I’d just update those of you who have not seen me for a while…

The band goes from strength to strength – we had loads of label interest in the new album (you can hear loads of it here: http://www.ilike.com/artist/Crimes+Of+Passion )… in fact we had so much interest that we had labels fighting over us and eventually decided to sign with a fairly large label (within our field of music).

We toured the UK again in late November supporting Jeff Scott Soto… it went well (and there’s photos on my flickr for those who wish to see – link at right on my homepage or follow this one http://www.flickr.com/photos/khl/sets/72157603403404293/ ).

Meanwhile, I ripped the bathroom apart this September/October, removed all the tiles, and moved it all around. A little cat related accident caused a leak (she bent a pipe, bless her) and we ended up with a mini flood, but other than that the bathroom now looks much larger.

Hannah and I are both well, if inundated with various coughs and colds that have been doing the rounds (and rather bad gastroenteritis for us both back in November/early December) but all is good.

Business is well – we are very busy and I book around 2 months in advance. I have a few random jobs to do for friends, and unfortunately the day I was due to do them I was very ill so I hope to get round to them the first week of new year (sorry Edy and Megan).

Meanwhile – my little niece continues to thrive. Megan is walking, and starting to utter recognisable sounds with structure rather than just gurgle.

For Yule, I bought Hannah some really nice things including a chocolate fountain (just a small one – perfect for about 4 people) and she bought me an acoustic bass and tomb raider on Wii. I also got Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii from Endora.

Hope you are all well and I should be around a little more from now on.

Over and out :o)

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