The "meh" has arrived…

January is here… Meh

Tax Return time… Meh Meh

I had to drive along a road today which I use very often – the B6090 through Ravenfield. There were THREE annoyances on this road…

1: The old giffer who insisted that it was only safe to go 15mph, down the middle of the road, then brake really hard at every bend – yes it was icy, but surely he should understand that it’s not speed in light snow that’s the most important, it’s avoiding sudden manouvers? – why the hell was he even going out in 1″ of snow? God I sound like such a tory! Luckily he pulled into Ravenfield village (probably going to a church meeting, or something).

2: The lorry… For gods sake it’s a 7.5 tonne limit – why the hell do I keep seeing the same 14 tonne lorry on there going all the way through the 7.5 tonne limit? – that’s hardly “access only” is it? going all the way through… why do I see this so much on this little country lane?… I am so going to video this idiot and report him to the Police… perhaps he thinks because he’s “local” the red 7.5 tonne sign doesn’t apply to him?

3: The digger… The lorry then got stuck behind the digger – because the LORRY was too WIDE for the LITTLE COUNTRY LANE… the digger going 15mph… why the f**k do companies insist on driving a plant vehicle with a maximum design speed of 15mph half way across a bloody county? – and why do the drivers never pull in (as detailed in the highway code – if your vehicle causes tailbacks to build up let them pass).

Please… Tell me something to cheer me up :-

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