Ameo… the perfect convergence device?

I was talking today about convergence of devices and of course my brick of an Ameo (HTC Advantage X7500 for those looking for the generic name for the device)… here’s what we came up with:

Loud audio (if a little tinny, it’s much louder than my laptop)
8 gig storage drive holds loads of music
Good size screen for viewing videos on – they really do look cinematic
Inbuilt GPS which twinned with Google Maps makes an acceptable navigation tool
Fairly good quality camera although it’s poor in low light
Internet works great for a mobile device.
Connectivity is top notch – USB, VGA, WIFI, Bluetooth… but NO infra red? – why!

Size – you look like a dork answering it
Call quality – Even using a bluetooth headset it’s still not amazing
OS5.0 / OS6.0 – Which to use – I flashed mine and lost video calling
Battery life isn’t amazing if you’re hammering the hard drive usage, and charging can be a little slow if you do kill the battery.
Keyboard is iffy – for any serious usage you need the dock and USB keyboard/mouse combo.

In all it’s very good, but expensive. Twinned with a normal pocket PC you have a pair of killer phones which can make a great mobile office.

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