The mystery Ameo button… better photos with flash… sound on calls

The strange sun on the keyboard, you know, that button that does precisely bugger all… well here’s what it’s for.

Say you leave your Ameo for 10 minutes and the screen goes blank as the backlight turns off… well you want to re-activate it exactly where you were without pressing anything that might cause changes or launch new tasks…

Yup, that’s what it does. And to say I’ve now had my Ameo since last… August? – didn’t take me that long to figure.

Meanwhile, I noticed that close up stuff with the LED flash really overdoes it – the glare is unbearable… well here’s what to do – hit the exposure control at the bottom of the screen on the camera to -0.5 or -1 and see the difference!… as for the green glare in the bottom left of all photos, apparently we have to live with that. It’s a hardware problem… oh well, it can’t be the perfect device, I suppose.

Finally… do people you’re calling complain of really stuttery conversations which break up and sound disjointed? – well it appears it’s nothing at all to do with your phone, it seems that if they are in a loud environment the Ameo gain controls go a bit wild… although you could solve all this with a bluetooth headset. I like my Jabra set, quite big but very comfy!

footnote – the leather trousers I was given a while ago… well Simon has had them off me!.

He loves them!

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