I’ve been asked by someone via email (who saw COP on tour in Santiago) if they could post the CD cover over to me, I autograph it, and send it back in an SAE…

I know I said I wouldn’t, but if they’ve bothered to track me down it would be rude not to. At least someone acknowledges I am that person whose well fonky bass riffs made it onto the first COP album.

I might not write the most amazing bass riffs in the world but they’re bloody solid and certainly drive COP songs along.

Meanwhile, I’ve decided that since I’ve got another year of due to a crossover in the dates of the cancellation of the webhosting contract (expired) and the domain contract (I’ve just personally paid another year) then I will point it here for a year until it expires on 28th August 2009, after all, I’ve not heard diddly squat from COP since I contacted them asking for a contract referring to the album. I will update as I do get anything, but with less than 10 days till release day I’m now getting concerned about the situation.

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