The final night!

A fantastic final day of We Will Rock You. We had an amazing response to the performance and the young people on the stage were amazing.

I’d personally like to say thanks to Josh Mellor, William Ward, Ian Robinson, Mike Cotton and especially Mike Hewlett who have made being in Galileo Figaro’s band such a brilliant and memorable experience.

I have certainly picked up my sight reading skills a notch or three and may have to use them more in future (session work anyone?)

In other news – I’ve been told by RW that some paperwork from COP is in the post to me… I await it’s arrival (bearing in mind the album release is 21st July). I’ve given my copy of the CD to John Mitchell (It Bites) because to be honest… I prefer the version with my pictures on them instead.

I’m not sure what this contract will say but what I can say is a press release was received by the CRS and it appears I’ve been wiped from history. Nice eh?… I suppose some people don’t realise I actually see all this stuff…

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