An eventful few weeks musically…

Firstly – a Manning song makes it onto the covermount CD on Classic Rock Magazine. I didn’t record or have anything to do with “Lost in Play” but it surely bodes well for the future… and we’ve had a brilliant response to it.

Then – I open up the 2nd of August issue of Kerrang and read a review of the Crimes of Passion album:

The Problem with most melodic rock is that the men responsible for it look like they’ve spent more time at the beautician than grinding things out in the studio. Crimes of Passion are a bit different, they look like they’ve just climbed out of a pit. This is melodic metal from Yorkshire, with nowt taken owt. There’s something reassuringly British about this grim-jawed and downbeat approach, and for the most part it works a treat, all vicious guitar runs and searing vocals. Exit Wound and God Made Me Your Angel give you a damn sight more grit to chew on than most so-called pretty boy rock.

DOWNLOAD: Pretty In Blood

FOR FANS OF: Queensryche, Black Stone Cherry

KKK (that’s three K’s nothing to do with a certain racist organisation…)

and finally – Mayfairmallzine” – (who acknowledge I was in the band!)

If Change is the Mother of Reinvention then Reinvention is the Mother of Success, this is without a doubt the case with Sheffield’s own Crimes of Passion. A band who had a long history as Deadline but then the Change came in the shape of frontman with Dale Radcliffe stepping into fold. Then came the Reinvention as the band became Crimes Of Passion and so now Success will come with the band after finally releasing their long anticipated self titled debut album ‘Crimes Of Passion’.

I first got hold of a demo version of the album late last year and what I was given was a great product and this completed version has been mixed a little more than the demo and really is a towering Hard Rock album that the band can be very proud of.

The album gets underway with the intro ‘A Thousand Lost’ before the real meat and bones of the album with ‘The Me I Lost’, a song that the band have been playing live for some time now and one that has always been a great addition to the lads set. The album version has that same fire and passion that the band produce live and unlike the demo, Radcliffe’s vocals are more prominent and guitarist Andy Lindsay are equally more prominent and this mix has really lifted the album to new heights.

The album continues with another of my favourites from the band ‘God Made Me Your Angel’. On this one Lindsay’s guitar work really shines and the powerhouse rhythm section of Kris Hudson-Lee and Kev Tonge keeping it all together.

Another great track for the band and another which goes down a storm live is ‘Unbreakable’, this is where Radcliffe shows what a powerful vocal presence he is and shows what the band were missing in their past life with their previous vocalist. Radcliffe has power passion and the ability to project the band further on the road to rock n’ roll stardom.

‘Fight You On My Own’ is a track where the band have got everything from power and graceful vocals to a fantastic guitar sound. This is without a doubt one of the bands finest tracks and one that really shows the band what it takes.

The band have thrown away that Melodic Rock standard and really gone for a heavier sound that is more in fitting with today’s musical climate and this is never more so than with the excellent ‘Die Alone’. Again Radcliffe and Lindsay really show their metal credentials with this one, especially Lindsay who rips up a storm on this song.

Another of my favourite tracks from the band is the superb ‘Pretty In Blood’, again another hard rocking track that really pulls no punches this is for me THE track of the album it has it all great lyrics and is musically supreme.

A track that comes a very close second to ‘Pretty In Blood’ as track of the album is ‘Breathless And Beautiful’. This one is a more gentle refrain than PIB as Radcliffe shows he can mix melodic vocals with more metal gruffness and the effect is quite superb, things start off rather gently but soon build into a crescendo of great guitars and a thumping rhythm section, great stuff.

The band show their more harder metal side with the excellent ‘Where No-one Speaks Your Name’, a thumping no holds barred attack that really ignites the metalhead in you as you raise your hands to the power and majesty of the track, then just as your reaching your peak the track melts away into a subtle mix of soaring guitar licks from Lindsay and a monstrous backbeat from Tonge and Hudson, before it’s back on the attack as the track finishes as it starts a thumping slice of Melodic Metal.

One the numerous occasions I have seen the band live on track that has always stood out as a future classic is ‘Exit Wound’. This was the very first track I heard from the new line-up that really excited me and showed the band had thrown away their past moniker and really stepped up to the plate being able to produce the goods to take them to the next level.

This is one of my favourite live tracks and its great to here its inclusion on their debut this like ‘Unbreakable’ this one has it all.

The album come to a close with another of the tracks that mixes more Melodic tones with pure metal ‘Dream Of Me’. A song that starts off from humble Melodic beginnings before building into a flurry of fantastic Lindsay riffs then melting away into infinity.

Anyone who has seen the band live know exactly what Radcliffe has brought to the band, but musically the band have always been strong and they have always been wishing for more and with Radcliffe they have become the full package as far as I’m concerned. Let’s hope this debut album finally marks the way forward for the band and with them having gigs lined up as far as February next year the band are surely on their way.

Since this album was recorded bassist Kris has sadly decided to leave the band, although he will still continue as the bands webmaster and will continue with some engineering work for the band. We wish him well with all his future endeavours. His replacement has been named as Simon Fearn whom we will surely be introduced to next time we catch up with the band.

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