A home studio

You know how everyone has a room in their house that is just too damn small to do anything with, so small in our case that we could only just fit a single bed in it if we tried. So small that it just got cluttered with boxes and junk…

Well I cleared it out, sorted the junk, and moved my studio up into it.

Not the highest technology studio ever, but it’s a start.

It currently has:
Linux box running Ubuntu 8.10 and Rosegarden
8 Track recording console
Absolute Zero speakers powered from Nad Amp
Creative Sub/Sat speakers (mainly for PC…)
Yamaha DD-65 drum set (on my new snare stand)
Yamaha PSR-330 Keyboard (mainly used for MIDI stuff, the inbuilt sounds are generally nasty).
Bass Sansamp amplifier simulation/compression box.
RODE vocal mic
Various instrument mics
plus a few random other goodies…

It’s a start, and I hope to expand on it over the months/years/decades…

Meanwhile on the Manning front, I now have just ONE track to record!… although there may be a week or so off before I go for it as I have an exam on Friday. Bumholes.

Published by Kris

Bassist. Cat servant. Everything is better shiny.

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