3 bits of news… and FREE MP3

1. My fookin’ laptop is dead. Kaputt. Broken. The keyboard has died and keeps randomly pressing random keys on the top two rows, and the touchpad has gone bonkers. The CD drive has been erratic for a while, oh and the back USB hasn’t worked in ages too. Thankfully the EeePC is going strong as it is now my main contact with t’interweb… oh well. Twatcakes springs instantly to mind.

2. I’ve just started listening through the rough mixes of the new Manning album which I’ve just finished doing bass stuff for… Bloody hell that’s a stonking album – one I would have bought from the CRS sales list – and that’s an honour… not just cos I’m on it. Hannah also did some backing vox… she is chuffed to little mintballs too.

3. I’ve also listened to the COP album again… sadly it’s fading on me. I’m beginning to hate some of the songs but I still think Angel is a corker and Breathless and Beautiful is still one of the best tracks on there – Breathless is like the “One Touch” of the new album (and doesn’t my Sus4 stamp show on both of em… God I’ll have to revise my writing style for Manning more).

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