More Norway contacts…

It seems the Norwegians absolutely love Crimes of Passion, which sorta makes me proud… I’ve had a really in-depth chat with a guy on Facebook who loves the album.

Little known facts about the album…

1. Recording started on December 27th 2006 and finished in August 2007… yes it really did take 8 months to record!

2. Tony Mills recorded his own backing vocals, however the ones in
“Fight You On My Own” weren’t phrased right so John Mitchell who mixed the album dropped some backing vocals in himself.

3. The bass was all recorded on a Warwick Thumb 5 string and went through a Sansamp Bass and/or Line 6 Bass Pod XT. The bass sound is also modified through a dual compressor pedal to give it that “chunk” (the Warwick Thumb is notorious for being a very woody sounding bass and COP songs demanded a more metallic sound).

4. I don’t use a plectrum, AT ALL on this recording, even though some of the bass sounds are quite harsh.

5. Bass wasn’t started until February 2007 (I should have started in January 2007 but I had an ear infection which made me go virtually deaf for 2 weeks).

6. I also put some keyboards down on A Thousand Strong (the really low bass synth is GM Patch “Dark Moon”).

7. On the page with the girls leaving the Corporation nightclub (Sheffield club folks – ), the bike being ridden by the bassist is my old Honda CB1100XX – X11 which sadly was stolen in 2003. It was a fantastic bike and amazingly powerful.

8. I’m not actually happy with the credits page. I make no bones about the fact that I disagree with “Crimes of Passion” being credited as the author whilst I am only credited as a performer, which is wrong… however, I have refused to sign any paperwork or release regarding this album so technically no permission exists from me to release. It has caused confusion for many reviewers who have had to correct their reviews to acknowledge me.

9. As for the final album… I love “God Made Me Your Angel” and “Breathless & Beautiful”. I absolutely hate “The Me I Lost” and don’t particularly like “Die Alone” either.

10. I have signed 22 copies… and counting… all posted to me from people in Norway or Spain.

As a footnote… If you want your copy of the CD signing, please get in touch and I’ll sort you an address to post your CD to.

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