Why Acer One is not as good as EeePC…

I now have an Acer One to replace the EeePC (although I’ve been offered the choice of which to keep).

Bigger screen, clearer on Acer One
Larger, much better quality keyboard
More storage space
Faster, Dual Core processor.
19V charge circuit! – yay! – most standard laptop chargers will work with it.

Oh Dear, Asus, what were you thinking with that HORRIBLE linux you put on there?
A real pig to get Ubuntu running on… and even then the install is still broken.
Battery life is dubiously short to say the least.
No case? That’s just so skanky!
The Huawei E220 modem takes a lot of getting to work (although a broken USB cable cost me 2 hours!)

I’m torn about which one to keep… secretly I want to like the Acer Aspire One, but deep down I still prefer the EeePC even if the keyboard is awful.

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