The Reasoning + Combination Head & The Montgom

IMG 3469
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First proper gig in DSLR land… and what a gig.

A chat with Chris Walkden confirmed that I was using good settings (although the F ratio of my lens doesn’t go as low as 2.8 so I had to make do and compensate on the exposure time).

I sneaked round the stage and did a few onstage photos (yes, folks, bands & crew are not permitted to do this, but then I’m hardly likely to sue my own company if I have a Harold Lloyd moment and go arse over tit on the multicore am I now?)

Please please please though… will people NOT use flash? – we have banned flash photography in the auditorium but a few people do not seem to have got the idea.

I like The Reasoning… their music has hooks (which most prog bands seem to forget about), but I do sometimes think they waver across the AOR line which whilst not a bad thing, it’s sometimes a dangerous thing to do as you may alienate the CRS members and head into a crowd I once played for who really don’t appreciate anything they are given and would rather sit listening to Danny Vaughn’s latest and praise it no matter how bad and boring it is (not insinuating that Danny Vaughn is boring at all… honest) than accept something new, because after all… new is bad.

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