A big update…

I’ve not been around much for the last week. I have excuses and they’re really good ones this time (not that my excuses aren’t always good).

1. Of gigs…
Last Weekend (Sunday) we had a gig at the Robin 2 in Bilston. It was good. Drummer, Danny Rhodes, decided earlier this year he was quitting and so this was his last gig.

2. Of Teeth… (GORY – Skip to 3 if you don’t want to read)
I had a bit of a mouth accident a week or so ago. A crown I have had for years (courtesy of the Rotherham Butcher Dentistry Practice – otherwise known as Ed Jackson – now struck off) had been poorly fitted and decay had got into the underneath of it. The problem is the tooth has been root filled, so no pain was noticed and the first I knew was when a nasty smell and then loss of the crown a couple of days after.

It turns out I have had an abscess under there for quite a long time now but because the nerves had gone couldn’t feel it. The swelling has pushed the crown off and the centre of the remaining bit of the tooth has been destroyed leaving four roots sticking down into my jaw and no real structure to yank them out. My dentist went Yikes! and referred me on to a maxillofacial surgeon to have the entire lot sorted under general anaesthetic.

I am currently sat here typing this and have a generally huge hole in my mouth and a return booking for this Friday for more work doing on the nasty thing. It involves stitches and removing pieces of bone. Yuk!

3. Of Cars…
My brother had an accident last Sunday in the torrential rain and wrote the Peugeot 306 estate off. He aquaplaned on water on a perfectly straight road and ended up in a ditch and hedge. All were OK (including my 20 month old Niece Megan who was in the back in her baby seat during the accident) although the car has now been sold on for scrap as the front and back were beyond repair. He now has a Rover 400 series.

4. Of Vans…
I had an accident in the van. I hit the back of a car (Fiesta). This doesn’t sound too unusual, except that EVERY ACCIDENT I HAVE EVER HAD IN A WHITE VAN HAS INVOLVED A FIESTA, although this has been the first time it has ever been my fault. I skidded on diesel. The ABS did bugger all… the Van did £1100 damage… I did £600 damage to the van. I hate bloody diesel and the associated lorry drivers who insist on dumping the bastard stuff all over every single roundabout within half a mile of a petrol station. They should make it £10 a Gallon the perhaps people would have fuel system leaks fitted and stop filling their fuel tanks up to the brim.

5. Of Lorries…
Whilst I’m ranting about lorries… I hate lorries on dual carriageways. You have 2 lanes in each direction… you have lorries going at 56mph, but you then have the one with his governer set at 56.5mph who insists that he must overtake the one going at 56mph and take 3 whole miles to do it, meanwhile everyone else has to sit behind this “clash of the shite’uns” as they perform the 56mph Indianapolis 500. I would love to see every section of dual carriageway and 2 lane motorway which has an incline and no crawler lane have a 7.5 tonne limit placed on the right hand lane to stop this. It’s being trialled on the A1 in Durham and the A42 in Warwickshire and it DOES make a difference to traffic flows (and German Autobahns have had this system of variable lane permissions for years).

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