Ahead of my time?

It seems that according to the popular fashion gurus and newspaper articles leather trousers are “coming back into fashion” both for men and women…

Did they ever go out in my wardrobe?

I thought this picture would go well because:

1. I like it!

2. I’m meeting up with Crimes of Passion tomorrow to do some business stuff… of course the joke of a contract has never been mentioned since and I’d prefer it stays that way (I still have a copy… but I’ll never sign it in it’s current state).

3. When I took it in late February this year I couldn’t have believed what was going to have changed through the year.

I’m optimistic for the future, but have a healthy amount of caution.

Also, from Friday I may be a little bit incommunicado as I will be having a fractured tooth root removed and the underlying abscess drained and cleaned and will be suffering the effects of a general anaesthetic for the majority of Friday and Saturday. It is a hospital procedure not a dentists just for information. I’ve already had a lot done on this and will be glad that Friday’s op is the end of it all.

I will have a piece of bone in a jar to show you all though should you require grimming out…

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