Christmas Presents, and festive frolics.

Christmas Present Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway For Yule we had the party (see previous posts about yuletide flatulence and related photo GIMPing). After that, well, 23rd December was spent in the pub (not all the day, just the afternoon)… not much else to say, although I did venture (on the bus) to ParkgateContinue reading “Christmas Presents, and festive frolics.”

Experiments with the studio and lighting.

357:366 – Kris Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway This, folks, is the result of lighting fairly high (giving a slight gradient to the backdrop) with hard light on the right and softer light on the left, removing most of the shadows but creating a blend across my face. Canon Speedlight pointed as ceiling usingContinue reading “Experiments with the studio and lighting.”

Leather Trousers plus Curry?

Apparently with the right combination of leather trousers and curry this happens. Thanks to Dave Winstanley for being the “model” in this shot… thanks to me for pulling his finger… thanks to my gas soldering iron’s uncontrollable gas flow for providing the flame. Am I the only person who thinks Dave looks ace in leatherContinue reading “Leather Trousers plus Curry?”