Christmas Presents, and festive frolics.

Christmas Present
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway

For Yule we had the party (see previous posts about yuletide flatulence and related photo GIMPing).

After that, well, 23rd December was spent in the pub (not all the day, just the afternoon)… not much else to say, although I did venture (on the bus) to Parkgate Retail World (now known as Parkgate Shopping) to collect pressies from HMV. HMV had totally tossed up and not got me Babylon 5 season 2 in, just 1 and 3… however me being crafty ol’ me… I told them I wanted to cancel the order because they hadn’t fulfilled it in it’s entirety… I then walked over to the display, picked up Babylon 5 seasons 1 and 3 off the display unit and bought fresh copies – for £5 less EACH.

For Christmas I got:
Fold up 5 way reflector
Slave flash
Lens & Camera & CCD cleaning kit
Money to pay off the final installment of my DSLR
Various clothing
Chocolates (many of which were Ferrero Rocher)
A digital photo frame (bought with Xmas money & vouchers)
A rock CD

No cuddly toy or fondue set… thankfully…

We spent Christmas Day with my parents and for the evening went over to James R. Turner’s party (and played Guitar Hero on his Wii)

Anyhoo, Boxing Day was spent at my inlaws and involved the frightening occurance that my Brother-in-Law and I turned up dressed scarily similar (that’s bad for me…), but at least we spent some of the 27th playing with a REAL Jet engine (on the back of a bicycle).

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