CRS Follies photoshoot

CRS Follies Photo 1
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway

I’ve taken the photos today for Dave Winstanley’s CRS Follies (one is shown adjacent this item). The album artwork has started to take shape and the mastering is now well under-way.

The photos were taken in colour with the camera set to manual mode. Exposure times from 1/8″ to 1/30″ with the F ratio at 22 to make sure the tower and Dave were both in focus.

Flash mounted on separate tripod to left of camera. Slave flash on right hand side on mini tripod set to 1/32 to create some specular lighting on his leather trousers. The exposure was taken at ISO100 to reduce the noise on the image as it possibly will be used quite large.

The colour image was then processed in Digikam linux with the contrast being increased and the brightness decreased slightly. The image was then converted to greyscale with a sepia filter run to give it that old fashioned look.

I’m incredibly pleased with the results.

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