No longer confined to "The Box"

One year ago yesterday I first mentioned to my close family that I had had enough of the band Crimes of Passion. They were booking massive tours, but not tours I would think of as particularly well suited to the band or even beneficial. They toured Europe for 4 weeks in June/July but I wouldn’t say it’s been the most successful tour ever, and next years tour in February doesn’t interest me at all.

I wasn’t feeling as if I could let my talent flow as a musician, as if I was working within the box. I wasn’t feeling as if I was appreciated as a person – as if I was just the “one who knew how to fix everyone’s computers” or “the one who doesn’t get drunk at gigs so can drive until 4am and won’t whinge”.

Today I did a clear out of my old life. I went through my T-Shirt drawer and consigned all my old tour t-shirts to the duster bag save for one 2006 tour T-Shirt (White Lion through Europe). I am now in Manning and have been for while now. I enjoy Manning – the basslines are challenging, and I get to play upright bass on a few songs, and I can still make leather trousers look cool!

Perhaps someday I will regret quitting Crimes of Passion, but no… I don’t think I will. I made the right choice. I’m happy and I’m appreciated as a musician.

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