Walkers Crisps, my verdict…

The winner is:Builders Breakfast, definitely. Delicious – slightly smokey bacon tasting with an eggy overtone. The also rans:Cajun Squirrel – Tastes of Cajun. Tastes nothing like squirrel. Not that I’ve tasted Squirrel. Hoisin Duck – Tastes of Hoisin. Thankfully (for me as a vegetarian) doesn’t contain duck. Onion Bhaji – Does actually taste of OnionContinue reading “Walkers Crisps, my verdict…”

Crimes of Passion… one year on.

Really early drafts of us for the album artwork. Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway It’s now officially ONE YEAR since I last did any work, rehearsals, or anything with Crimes of Passion. God…. I’m sooooo HAPPY!. I never realised just how depressed COP was making me feel – I was just so restricted inContinue reading “Crimes of Passion… one year on.”

My current facebook profile picture…

2/050:365 – Flashing blade Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway This is it. It’s caused a fair stir – as I found last night at the CRS Jump gig (pictures to be uploaded soon…) It really was taken just outside our back door – not on location anywhere far away, and it was taken inContinue reading “My current facebook profile picture…”


Bokeh Cakes Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway Hannah has excelled herself yet again with these delightful little cakes. I photographed them, of course (and then ate one!). Taken with a fully open aperture to give a nice bokeh effect (that’s when the background is out of focus).

It snowed this week… thus enabling me to get some really cool photos of Miranda in the snow. This one, in particular, managed some really fantastic comments on flickr. It was one of those moments where being in the right place at the right time. Miranda was coming down the garden and it just happened.Continue reading