First gig of 2009

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At one time I would have had many gigs within January, but this year I had to wait till the 31st to get my first gig. Akoustik Manning at The Studio in Hartlepool.

A nice venue… infact… a REALLY nice venue. A decent quality PA, nice stage, nice backstage, good monitors (although only four of them) and good views for most people in there with raised areas on either side of the place. Well done to whoever designed it!

The gig was also very good (apart from Castaways which I didn’t really get into – although only having rehearsed it twice on Tuesday I suppose we should have done more)… we played well and the crowd responded very well.

Meanwhile… why did our V+ box not record “don’t forget the lyrics” last night?. Yes I know Paul Shane is an annoying twat, but the programme is really good and the guy who is on at the moment can sing really well (unlike most of the tuneless karaoke singers they’ve had on previously). Even more to the point – why is it when you WANT something to record and it doesn’t, you then can’t find the programme again all week, unlike when you DON’T WANT something and it always seems to be on.

Here is a photo of me backstage anyway, taken with my camera phone (HTC Diamond) which is currently my camera as my DSLR is still in Currys being mended… and STILL hasn’t come back. Grrrrrrrr…

Just a final update for all you who read my blog (you know who you are – and I’m quite surprised how well read it is)… my “funny turn” of the middle of January seems to have amounted to absolutely diddly squat. I have no ill effects or anything…

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