Crimes of Passion… one year on.

It’s now officially ONE YEAR since I last did any work, rehearsals, or anything with Crimes of Passion.

God…. I’m sooooo HAPPY!.

I never realised just how depressed COP was making me feel – I was just so restricted in what I could do. All the basslines were starting to sound the same (compare Pretty in Blood and Die Alone)… they were all becoming just a barrage of notes at speeds anything upwards of 130bpm.

I joined Manning about a year ago now (and it really doesn’t feel like it’s been that long). The difference is amazing – firstly I feel appreciated and get to really stretch my talent and develop my skills. I’m playing different styles of bass (compare Ships to Antares – totally different) and the songs are very eclectic.

I know it seems weird now, after getting quite upset last year about the end of Crimes of Passion for me, but actually – I really think it was the best decision I ever made in my music career, and it was the first time I ever left a band – all previous ones I have lasted ’till disbandment, or in the case of Alcatraz I was only drafted in on a temporary basis.

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