A weekend of gigs

Steve Dundon
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway

I’ve had 2 days of gigs.

Firstly at the Flowerpot, Derby:
We met at J36 on the M1 to travel to Derby. Four of us in all – Guy, Dave, Phil and me – only Dave was getting himself down there (not as planned, things change). A supporting slot with Breathing Space this time.

The Flowerpot has the smallest stage in history… seriously. By the time Breathing Space were on there we had an area of about 10ft wide by about 6ft deep – if that!

Anyhoo, a good gig was had. We did well – recieved cheers, sold merchandise, and ate McDonalds. What more could one want?

Well, this one was a surprise. Dropped on the band at the last minute after Psi Phi pulled out of the Magenta Support. Who else can you get with just 6 days notice?

The Akoustic Manning Trio as we were to be changed at the last minute when I found out that Steve Dundon had turned up to the gig complete with a flute!

So…. Akoustic Manning V2.0 took to the stage, played about 45 minutes of acoustic material in front of a crowd of about 160.

Mmmmm 160… Nice!

It’s also come to pass that the CRS WILL CARRY ON without Martin Hudson. Martin decided to resign a week or so ago and we’ve been discussing between us what will happen.

There’s still a log to go through, but Miles, Tommo and I are definitely up for keeping the entire thing running (although without the Rokshop which is now closing down).

Today I’ve done bugger all because my toe is absolute bloody agony.

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