Spectrapaint V3.0

2/109:365 – The Eyes Have It Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway I really cannot believe I found this software. I originally wrote it in the early 1990’s and released it freeware. You can download it at classicamiga.com, although you’ll need an emulator like UAE to run it.

Bank Holidays without the traffic

2/103:365 – A day out Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway I hate Bank Holidays… not because they’re days off, but because every idiot on the planet gets in their car and traipses half way down the country to visit Alton Towers, Warwick Castle* or such overcommercialised places. Hannah and I looked through the EnglishContinue reading “Bank Holidays without the traffic”

Apparently… I don’t update enough!

2/095:365 – The Mediaeval Season a’ Cometh! Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway A certain friend of mine who lives in Grenoside (and knows who he is) has requested I update my blog more… apparently, I just don’t update it enough. Well, in the news – http://www.classicrocksociety.net has now been claimed (after sending in passport,Continue reading “Apparently… I don’t update enough!”