Bank Holidays without the traffic

I hate Bank Holidays… not because they’re days off, but because every idiot on the planet gets in their car and traipses half way down the country to visit Alton Towers, Warwick Castle* or such overcommercialised places.

Hannah and I looked through the English Heritage guide and found two nice places, fairly local, quiet non-major roads to get to them, and managed to see both and be back home within 6 hours…

Gainsborough Old Hall – a beautiful 15th Century hall complete with Great Hall, Medieval Kitchens, and many bedchambers and other rooms – complete with later added wing and 17th Century ballroom.

Gainsthorpe Medieval Village – not a lot to see at this one, but the field contains ruts and ridges indicating the locations of many buildings. Once a large village, now totally abandoned and just visible as bumpy fields.

A great day… and better than going to Warwick Castle*

*I’m ranting about Warwick Castle because…

1: We were supposed to be going to a re-enactment there but…

2: Hannah’s back isn’t great, which coupled with…

3: Vans aren’t allowed on site and everything has to be carried up the lane from the road… and…

4: They want us to re-enact Warwick WINNING and SURVIVING the battle (based on The Battle of Barnet)…

Just makes me angry. It’s supposed to be an educational hobby (an eduhobby?) and we’re supposed to portray with some degree of accuracy the events of the time… this is definitely not education and would give people the wrong idea of what happened.

We decided it would be better to pass on that one… and perhaps table a motion for the next AGM that historical accuracy should take precedent over and above.

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