Manning is the future

I’ve decided that I need to spread myself less thin, and as such, I will be cutting down on my CRS work and concentrating more on Manning.

Is this a good thing?

Perhaps not for the CRS – which is a damn shame as it is a cause I love and support wholeheartedly. I’ll still be around, it’s just I need to make more me (and my wife) time, but the CRS always needs helpers at gigs and of late it’s fallen on me to be there at every gig which isn’t doing me any good at all.


My health hasn’t been great of late for various reasons and I think I do need to slow down a little. This is my way of doing that.

In other news:
Manning’s gig last night – awesome. Amazing. What more can I say?

Just as a note… you seen this? – I am writing for it from time to time because it keeps the CRS site cleaner and means people wanting CRS news find just that. It’s a shame blogger doesn’t support some of the more funky CMS based things, but when all’s said and done it is a blog! It also stops the CRS site being the “Manning blog” as the only news I post most of the time is Manning news – then again – I’m in Manning… it’s in my interests to promote it!

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