Rotherham Rocks Night 1

Manning @ The Wesley
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway

I’m already knackered from the first event… 5 bands… fast changeovers… and all the associated arse kicking and finding wayward band members who don’t realise just how critical timings are if you don’t want to upset your headliners takes a real toll on you physically and mentally.

Today, I may disappear off somewhere into a darkened room, burn incense, meditate, and pray it is all over very soon… or perhaps I could just stop booking 2 dayers?

I can’t quite figure out our cats. Cats are weird. They woke me up at 6:30am for playtime… patting my face, yomping all over me, and generally being cute with an annoying and sinister “I’d eat your liver if you were dead” streak, and now??? all asleep. Fast on.

I may pat them in the face and yomp all over them shortly.

If I arrive at Rotherham Rocks Day 2 all scratched and scarred, you’ll know they didn’t appreciate it.

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