Rotherham Rocks Night 2

Well you’ll be pleased (or disappointed) to know that Rotherham Rocks 2009 is about 15ish minutes away from completion.

10 bands, 2 days… not quite 12 bands, 2 days, but damned hard work. I’m really pleased how it’s gone. All the bands have worked really well together in what is a really demanding festival environment which allows us to get so much done in so little time.

I would like to thank Kyrb Grider, Beckonsale, Crimes of Passion, Haze, The Dreaming Tree, Kramer, DeeExpus & Final Conflict. I would also really love to thank Threshold for being so understanding with what it entailed and being so considerate with their set-up, and finally would like to thank Pendragon (Nick Barratt, Clive Nolan, Pete Gee and Scott Higham) who have been great to work with. I did threaten to Ebay Scott’s drum kit, but bottled out at the last minute because he threatened my hair with violence.

Now if only I could get Pendragon’s sound engineer to pull it back a bit – that bass is PAINFUL!

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