Big day

A very eventful day today…

Firstly – I’m officially suffering from Anxiety. Apparently… mainly because I’m getting too little me time and spending too much time worrying about things that shouldn’t concern me. I’ve decided that my Open University course must go on hiatus till I can get my head around it and the other things in my life.

Secondly – why, when people have minor collisions and small accidents involving dented body panels and scraped paint do they INSIST on leaving the vehicles on the right hand lane of a major dual carriageway, on the exit point from a roundabout? (see photo). Thankfully, the police came very quickly, and after what appeared to be quite heated words, both cars were moved very swiftly to a safer location. Perhaps they expect the police to close the entire dual carriageway and perform a full accident investigation just in case they decide to fake whiplash… and DON’T get me started on people who fake whiplash. Despicable bastards who will eventually get their just desserts.

Whilst I’m whinging about other drivers… Middle Lane Owners… I broke my record today – a silver Mercedes Benz A class sat behind me for a whole 6 and a half minutes!. The middle lane game late at night does entertain me so much when motorways are boring.

Finally… this second picture really concerns me. It is advertising a factory suit outlet and is alongside a major A road in Soothill (Batley) – land of the bisuits. Why?

1. Why is this man sitting on a radiator? – did the photographer not have chairs?
2. Why is this man sitting with his legs akimbo, much like footballers do on Match of the Day when they give us their “sage advice” whilst wearing their bad suit far too tightly.
3. Why do one’s eyes get drawn to his crotch (which I must say, is rather worryingly packed with… well… probably socks actually).
4. Why do I keep saying “one”… god I’m getting all posh.

Anyhow, if you want to see this billboard, it’s here although it may leave you slightly traumatised.

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