People are strange, when you’re a stranger.

This song’s lyrics are very true. It featured on the film The Lost Boys and I occasionally identify with it.

On Friday I had a Mohawk hair cut in preparation for the Manning gig on Saturday at the Peel, London.

Since having the hair cut, I have noticed something. People who you approach seem very distant, until you actually open your mouth and then they are much more forward than they would be if I didn’t have the cut… and around 50% of people actually comment on the hair after the initial fear.

Please, remember that the trouble with first impressions is that you only get to make one of them.

The gig at The Peel was absolutely awesome… and I’m sorry to say that those of you who didn’t/couldn’t/couldn’t be arsed to come missed an absolute stormer…

The problem is, you see, again – the problem with first impressions is you only get to make one of them. The first time I saw Manning (before I was in the band) I thought ho hum, another prog band. Since I joined the band I realised that actually Guy is one of the finest songwriters in the genre of Progressive Rock and the new album Number Ten is the cream of a fantastic 10 year career… I’m bloody priviliged to be his bassist!

Finally… today’s photo is another of my gothic/punk/cyberpunk type pictures. I dug the old PVC jeans out of the wardrobe (why does old PVC go baggy?), climbed into them (and smelly…) and put on my cool two layer t-shirt.

What did I learn? – well when the temperature is almost 20 degrees Celsius PVC and Nylon is bloody hot… I couldn’t wait to get them off.

When is it actually comfortable to wear PVC jeans? – Possibly between 19:30 and 19:34 on 12th October is about the only time. They look cool… but no, they aren’t nice to wear!

Betty swollocks?

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