… because …

2/239:365 – Reeling Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway Today has been a pretty f*cked up carbuncle of a day. Apart from a random meeting with a flickr friend, it’s a weird sort of picking up the pieces day. The pieces of me deciding my time with the CRS is up… but making sure IContinue reading “… because …”

The end of the CRS road for me.

2/237:365 – Strength. Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway I’ve made my decision, I’ve thought about it for ages. Myself and the Classic Rock Society are to part ways. I can’t carry on devoting the time I have previously to the CRS. Manning must come first for me now – it’s my time to enjoyContinue reading “The end of the CRS road for me.”

Today’s post is brought to you by the numbers 3 and 0

I sometimes feel a sense of dread. I sometimes feel a serious sense of dread. I sometimes worry about the people I have to share the roads with… Why do I spend far too much of my life following wankers who drive at 35-40mph on a perfectly straight and clear 60 road, only to passContinue reading “Today’s post is brought to you by the numbers 3 and 0”

Of hair colouring, leather, and cornfields.

I have decided to colour my hair again. Not bleach, not boring… in fact you could say this picture was my inspiration. It’s now blue at the front, purple across the top and red at the back – nicely blended of course. It’s coloured with:Rusk Scream Colors (Passion Purple and Rage Red)Renbow Crazy Color (CapriContinue reading “Of hair colouring, leather, and cornfields.”

When you shouldn’t post a photo on your website…

I’ve recently been building the new website for Manning and it has given me a little bit of an insight into what constitutes a BAD band photograph and a GOOD band photograph. I give you the example at right – I won’t name the band (unless you email me and REALLLYYYY PLEAD) but the exampleContinue reading “When you shouldn’t post a photo on your website…”

I bet Classic Rock magazine regret this:

Woodstock Comes To The UK Classic Rock sponsored tribute to the greatest 60s festival announced for the UK.Classic Rock is proud to announce its involvement with the the 40th anniversaryMemories Of Woodstock festival, taking place August 7-9 at the West Midlands Showground – Shrewsbury. The three day event features artists who played the original WoodstockContinue reading “I bet Classic Rock magazine regret this:”


Cambridge Rock Festival (webshots) Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway The Cambridge Rock Festival was superb! – an amazing gig, with an amazing crowd and an absolutely superb experience. Here’s a photo. Sadly, there is bad news to follow this superb gig… but that’s for later. I’m still on a high.