Of hair colouring, leather, and cornfields.

I have decided to colour my hair again. Not bleach, not boring… in fact you could say this picture was my inspiration. It’s now blue at the front, purple across the top and red at the back – nicely blended of course.

It’s coloured with:
Rusk Scream Colors (Passion Purple and Rage Red)
Renbow Crazy Color (Capri Blue)

Note the latter is an English made product but is spelt using the nasty American spelling of colour. It only works on bleached hair (you see my hair a few weeks ago!?) but looks stunning when it’s applied and only takes about 15 minutes to actually take.

It says professional use only, but to be honest apart from a few harmless food colourings I can’t actually see anything in the ingredients that could make it particularly hazardous… most of the ingredients are contained in the average shampoo…

…now I wonder if it works on beards… 😉

So far the response has been mixed… the guys and gals at one of my customers thought it was rather cool, but silly… my friends in general have made very reserved remarks (then again… it is me they are talking about) and my parents… well… nothing!

Now another discussion has come up – pleated pants (trousers to us English people). Yes… this has really stirred up a hornets nest around the world with pleats coming and going in fashion circles.

Personally? – I prefer single pleats.

Flat fronts end up with bad pant tentage and generally don’t look very nice on me. When I ordered my moleskin suit even the tailor recommended single pleats for someone of my build… and to be honest – he was spot on. It fits me great and looks superb (even if I do say so myself)… however – pleats in leather trousers… the photo accompanying this post has me in my leather suit. I will one day wear this fully, and have worn each part separately, but haven’t worn this as a suit yet… until this photo!

The trousers have twin pleats. I’d prefer single… but that’s how they came – after all, it is from a rather famous designer (bought off ebay) and actually, yes the braces do work with it!

Dressy leather trousers has come up recently in the group on facebook leather trousers (pants) on men are NOT gay (which has rather strict joining criteria) and it seems that the consensus is no pleats… although one picture which has been raised in the discussion appears to have mini-pleats…

The cornfield, well it was a nice backdrop however, I do have to say – I don’t like the modern term that this can’t be called a cornfield any more. It’s wheat, yes I know, but traditionally it’s a wheatcorn (hence the term)… just as barley can be called a cornfield. Where did that come from?

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