2/273:365 – Kris’s Winter Warmer Soup!

2/273:365 – Kris’s Winter Warmer Soup!Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway I made a soup today, not just a soup from a recipe, or a tin, or a packet… I really made soup! Here’s how I did it… 1. Peel and chop a small onion, stick it in a non stick pan with a littleContinue reading “2/273:365 – Kris’s Winter Warmer Soup!”

McMeat with everything…

OK, McDonalds, what are you thinking? I noticed that McDonalds latest calorific calculator thingy has chanced the Spicy Veggie sandwich from veggie to non veggie… that’s me sorta screwed now. I can now eat about 6 items from their menu (OK, slight exaggeration there), but a meal consisting of fries (chips) and salad is notContinue reading “McMeat with everything…”

Why I really DON’T get Apple.

Apparently, there’s an app for that… But, really, I don’t get the iphone. Having owned quite a few Palm and then Pocket PC devices over the years (currently on a HTC Diamond) and I keep seeing people flashing their latest snazzy breezeblock sized iphone at me and saying “yes, but does yours do this?”… well…Continue reading “Why I really DON’T get Apple.”

Shiny is in fashion!

As an advocate of shiny fashion for a long time now (yeah, I wear leather trousers), I find it rather surprising that manufacturers are now coating denim with various things to make them uber shiny. Henry (DeeExpus) kindly posed to demonstrate the shiny jeans he was wearing yesterday. Of course… you could just buy leatherContinue reading “Shiny is in fashion!”

Autumn is almost here.

Autumn Tealight Holder Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway The nights are now drawing in and the doorway to autumn is just a couple of days away now (22nd September at about 9pm). My favourite time of year is just around the corner – October – as the leaves fall and the colours change toContinue reading “Autumn is almost here.”

The HLC – as it now is.

The drive of fameOriginally uploaded by Last Human Gateway Today I passed the HLC… it’s now totally gone with very few traces of where it once was, except for slighly muddy ground marking it’s outline. The driveway remains, but that’s about all. Meanwhile… little known Crimes of Passion fact for today: The first eponymous albumContinue reading “The HLC – as it now is.”

When you discover something that makes things better..

OK… Seth Green has been copying my looks… Leather? Blue hair? That’s my territory! (Actually… I think it looks bloody cool – I didn’t see the picture at right when doing my blue hair look, and actually, I wish I had cos it would certainly have convinced me how cool coloured hair actually is!)

Severing links…

SpiderOriginally uploaded by Last Human Gateway I have decided from this post onwards that the link to my old livejournal will be severed. If you are a livejournal user, you need to subscribe to my xml or atom feeds from my blog contained at http://krishudsonlee.blogspot.com to continue to recieve my posts. I’ll be closing myContinue reading “Severing links…”

A dull weekend in Rawmarsh

Today was the Rotherham Show… they decided to hold it in Rosehill Victoria Park, Rawmarsh instead. A decision I can say I approve of – although it has left the entire town of Rawmarsh gridlocked for the early part of the day (even though the council provided free park & ride) it was nice beingContinue reading “A dull weekend in Rawmarsh”