A dull weekend in Rawmarsh

Today was the Rotherham Show… they decided to hold it in Rosehill Victoria Park, Rawmarsh instead. A decision I can say I approve of – although it has left the entire town of Rawmarsh gridlocked for the early part of the day (even though the council provided free park & ride) it was nice being able to walk to it for a change.

My ear (thanks to all who asked) is still rather sore… no, it’s very sore, but thankfully painkillers are keeping the pain at bearable levels… regular dosings with olive oil seem to give temporary relief, although it then leaks out for the rest of the day. I’ve been advised against sitting out in the cold and getting it wet.

Tomorrow is Manor Castle for the Nevilles. I want to go, but if I wake up and my ear is sore then I definitely won’t be.

Now finally… onto my wedding outfit for the gig we have next month. Is this too much leather? – I really like the look (it’s a 3 piece suit) but probably wouldn’t wear the jacket with it – just the waistcoat and trousers… in a similar way to the style of my moleskin suit. Well?

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