Why I really DON’T get Apple.

Apparently, there’s an app for that…

But, really, I don’t get the iphone. Having owned quite a few Palm and then Pocket PC devices over the years (currently on a HTC Diamond) and I keep seeing people flashing their latest snazzy breezeblock sized iphone at me and saying “yes, but does yours do this?”… well… actually… yes, but do I care about what it’s actually doing?

I can simulate drinking a pint of beer with my iphone…

I go out with friends and drink REAL beer.

I can simulate a lighter with my iphone…

I can buy a real lighter, in fact I can buy 10 for a quid off Rotherham Markets, and guess what I can set fire to things with that.*

I can play MP3’s with my iphone…

So? so can half the bloody devices in the world including my soddin’ laptop, MP3 player, phone

I can level up my shelves with my iphone…

Spirit level… you’ll find it works much better and yes, my shelves are level

oh and the ultimate insult – the advert about calculating your portion of a bill…

Because you’re TOO THICK to understand the DIVISION sign on a calculator.

Sorry to sound nonplussed, but pocket PC’s have been doing this stuff for years, and don’t get tied down by itunes (weighty bloatware), and get forced to download all their apps from the istore. What’s wrong with a bit of access to the OS…

On another subject, I flashed my OS on my pocket PC to Windows 6.5… I could have chosen Linux, Android… whatever because on pocket PC you have a choice… HTC, Dell, Toshiba, you know… that sort of choice.

…don’t get me started on Macbooks.

*as a note – if you have the right type of battery in your macbook… you can also set fire to things – namely, yourself, your legs, your house, your office.

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