2/273:365 – Kris’s Winter Warmer Soup!

I made a soup today, not just a soup from a recipe, or a tin, or a packet… I really made soup!

Here’s how I did it…

1. Peel and chop a small onion, stick it in a non stick pan with a little vegetable oil and brown sugar and fry until they go translucent. Stick the kettle on to boil whilst you’re at it.

2. Peel a couple of large carrots (the more comedy shaped the better), a positively huge sweet potato and a normal chippy type potato and dice into little bits.

3. Chuck all the above into the pan, and pour on about a pint and a half of boiling water.

4. Add a couple of stock cubes, a Bouquet Garni (one of them tea-bag thingies), a bit of white pepper. Return to the boil and simmer until all the veggies go soft.

5. Add some Caraway seeds (about a tablespoon), a smidge of Mace (can’t remember how much, but it was only a bit), and about half a tablespoon of Cumin seeds.

6. Give it about another 15 minutes on simmer. By this point the veggies will be going really quite mushy and the potatoes will be virtually falling apart in the water.


8. Smush it all up with a hand blender.

9. Eat. I recommend serving with Tesco Value bake at home white bread, Lurpak butter, and a good woman sat opposite eating the same and going mmmmmmmm every 2 minutes!

10. Belch or Fart loudly in approval, as even if I do say, it’s rather good and very warming!

Published by Kris

Bassist. Cat servant. Everything is better shiny.

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