Newton’s First Law of Motion and the end of the recession.

2/295:365 – Barbed Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway I believe that Newton’s first law of motion is the reason we will emerge from our current economic woes. That law states that an object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion with the same speedContinue reading “Newton’s First Law of Motion and the end of the recession.”

The breakup of society?

2/285:365 – Shattered World Well… I did my producer at the Police Station, refusing to surrender my driving license in the process. My court date will be notified by post… apparently… but… Well, will we have any post soon? Royal Mail, sadly, are shooting themselves in the foot yet again. Strike action is hurting no-oneContinue reading “The breakup of society?”


Aaargh man, only recently I was singing Seth Green’s praises with his mohawk/leather combo. Now I read the following… [about being a child star:] “My childhood success came and went real fast. Between 12 and 16, I grew as much as I was going to, anyway and no longer looked the same. Like most childContinue reading “Disappointment…”

Cough… Oink…

2/281:365 – Back to Acoustic It seems I’ve succumbed to Swine Flu. I blame the pigs. I feel pretty damned rough, and it’s not helping the fact that my old injury of my broken pinkie has decided to become sore again… I may end up having that one checked out… I know I’ve not brokenContinue reading “Cough… Oink…”

Miscarriage of Justice?

2/070:365 – Oh no! The rozzers! Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway … or abuse of powers? I was stopped today by Her Majesty’s Police for “using a hand held mobile phone whilst driving”. OK, Had I been using my hand held mobile phone whilst driving, then I would own up, pay the £60 andContinue reading “Miscarriage of Justice?”

When what you say isn’t said.

I was rather disgruntled today to recieve my CRS “Rock Society” magazine. My statement about the end of my time with the CRS has been published, but only with a degree of editing. The editing removes sections regarding the fact that I intend to help out in future, and nothing is mentioned about the factContinue reading “When what you say isn’t said.”