The breakup of society?

Well… I did my producer at the Police Station, refusing to surrender my driving license in the process. My court date will be notified by post… apparently… but…

Well, will we have any post soon?

Royal Mail, sadly, are shooting themselves in the foot yet again. Strike action is hurting no-one these days as precious little is sent by post anyway compared to 20 years ago. Even Amazon don’t use Royal Mail any more because the service isn’t reliable enough.

The Prime Minister, The wonderful Gordon Brown, has fiddled £12,000 in expenses… Chavs are taking over the world (having seen the three hanging around outside our local shop and kicking hell out of a wheelie bin, and then the scrote in the VW Gold (complete with PINK trims… NICE) who pulled up behind me and decided the road was the correct place to empty her ashtray – you would think that.

I wasn’t even using my mobile phone whilst driving (no sir) and I’m getting the third degree because some Cuntstubble decided that me poking my ear was obviously me using the smallest most invisible mobile phone in history.

Meanwhile, this will make you smile. A chav gets really hurt… apparently, he broke his ankle!

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Bassist. Cat servant. Everything is better shiny.

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