An eventless week (not)

New Three dongle Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway OK, so this week has been rather exciting on a number of fronts so perhaps the title was a lie. Sorry, I know, I shouldn’t lie… 1. Hannah is doing well. 2. I broke my Three dongle. Damned USB plugs are so weak – like SCARTContinue reading “An eventless week (not)”

You credit card is suspend (funny)

You’d think if scammers and phishers were trying to get my credit card details, they’d try harder than this: Hello Guest Visa Card Your credit card is suspend, because we notice a problom on your card. We determine that someone be using your card without your permission. For your protection, we suspend you credit card.Continue reading “You credit card is suspend (funny)”

Patient Confidentiality?

Patient Confidentiality? Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway I was rather bemused today when a member of staff at Doncaster Royal Infirmary left this trolley in the middle of the 6th floor lift lobby for around 3 minutes. It contained confidential patient records and I’m sure the patients in question would agree with me thatContinue reading “Patient Confidentiality?”

John and Edward… WHAT are they?

John and Edward in strange suits Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway You can’t have missed the last few months (years… or at least it feels that way) with the strange creatures from Ireland, John and Edward Grimes (Jedward) taking over the bandwidth of Facebook whenever X-Factor is on. This, however, is the bottom ofContinue reading “John and Edward… WHAT are they?”

Printers… I hate clucking printers!

Cats Eyes Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway I recently ran my little Canon ip90 laptop printer out of ink. OK, I thought… off to Staples to get a refill. “Oh we don’t do that ink anymore” Copycat “We’ve stopped doing Canon 15 and 16 cartridges” PC World “Yeah we sell them, but you needContinue reading “Printers… I hate clucking printers!”