Printers… I hate clucking printers!

Cats Eyes
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I recently ran my little Canon ip90 laptop printer out of ink. OK, I thought… off to Staples to get a refill.

“Oh we don’t do that ink anymore”


“We’ve stopped doing Canon 15 and 16 cartridges”

PC World

“Yeah we sell them, but you need to remortgage your house and sell a kidney for a full set”… why did I bother even going to PC world?

Thank god for Cartridge World – I took up my old empties, refilled them, and for less than £20 I have 3 full sets to go at. Phew!

I wouldn’t mind but it’s not as if it’s a very old printer – about 4 years old – and to be told “oh it’s obsolete” is just irritating.

On to today’s picture…

Yeah, I just thought I’d share a beautiful picture of my cat, Tigger.

I know… sappy… but I love her even if she is a whingey, stinky old moggy.

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