An eventless week (not)

New Three dongle
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway

OK, so this week has been rather exciting on a number of fronts so perhaps the title was a lie.

Sorry, I know, I shouldn’t lie…

1. Hannah is doing well.

2. I broke my Three dongle. Damned USB plugs are so weak – like SCART plugs, only not as big but still as crap. I bought a new one (pictured) to replace it – my they are getting fancy now with flashy lights and internal batteries and things which compared to my old Huawei black wedge is uber snazzy. I still retained my old SIM as I have 1200 text messages to use…

3. My sister-in-law’s birthday is today.

oh and the final bit of rather exciting news?

WE GOT A KEYBOARD PLAYER!!! – more info to follow soon.

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