I occasionally do work in Meadowhall (which for all it’s failings is a rather splendid money-making shrine to which many millions flock every year).

I personally don’t like the place – it’s a perfect shopping centre where everything is geared up to making you spend the almighty pound, and it’s very successful at it – although at the cost of Rotherham and Sheffield centres which have now undergone a major change in alignment and lost many of their major chain stores (Rotherham has been double whammied by Parkgate Retail World also).

When I arrived at 8:30, the place was deserted – about 10 people walked the aisles, and most of them were security. By 10am, it was a bustling shopping centre and was filled with hundreds of shoppers. When I left at 11:30am… 10 drivers were eyeing up where I walked to ready to pounce on my parking space!

What did I do at Meadowhall? – well lots – but I’d have to kill you if I told you – but I did get a rather splendid pair of Adidas Chile 62 tracksuit bottoms at COST from the store I was working in (something I have lacked for a long long time since my last ones split).

Finally, the photo – yes… even Meadowhall provides for our elderly with a tea dance in the Oasis. Nice to see it being used for social activities and not just commercial ones (although I’m sure some of you will point out that there is a commercial underside to this social activity).

Ah Meadowhall! Keeping Junction 34 busy since 1990!

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