A Busmans Holiday

2/362:365 – Busmans Holiday Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway Yesterday and today I’ve been doing general electrical work on our own house (yes… our own house). I’ve fitted 4 new power points (kitchen, living room x 4,in 2 places, landing) and have had to disconnect two lights in the house because the wiring isContinue reading “A Busmans Holiday”

Those toys from your childhood…

Does anyone remember a toy they owned in their childhood which when they see one brings back such powerful memories? Well mine is pictured at left. It’s called a Lil Genius and was made by Coleco around 1980. I had one of these at Junior School – it was like a calculator, but not quite…Continue reading “Those toys from your childhood…”

I bought Rage against the Machine.

In this amazing race for the #1 Christmas single, I think Rage against the Machine deserve the spot. Why? Well, I could say this isn’t a personal thing against Cowell, Cole et.al and the mindless drivel that is X Factor. But it’s not the truth. This is indeed personal. I am fed up of theContinue reading “I bought Rage against the Machine.”

Adventures in Shopping

I had to go shopping. First of all I spent a mortgage on printer ink. Why is printer ink so expensive? – I’m now refilling all our cartridges but for the Photosmart we currently haven’t had a spare set. That’s now rectified and refilling will start immediately! I did manage a rather good package inContinue reading “Adventures in Shopping”

Top 5 CD’s of the first Decade, plus some I’d rather forget.

Yep, I’m absolutely fed up of all these “best CD’s of…” which merely rely on artists previous releases and bolster absolutely talentless people, or reward for diabolical formulaeic songwriting and cliched releases. I’ve was a director of a well known prog organisation for a long time, and was involved for an even longer time, andContinue reading “Top 5 CD’s of the first Decade, plus some I’d rather forget.”

Apparently, flickr is fascist?!

I was quite surprised to find this blog. What surprised me even more is the size of the chip this guy has on his shoulder… in fact, I’d say he has a whole sack of spuds weighing him down. He published pictures which were against flickr TOS, got his account deleted, and therefore decided toContinue reading “Apparently, flickr is fascist?!”

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

2/344:365 – Iridescent Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway A trip around South and West Yorkshire today on the train… Portable Appliance Testing. God it was cold! I have 2 coats on and I was still cold!… and why does Elsecar only have 1 train an hour? poor Elsecar. When I arrived home the sunContinue reading “Trains, Planes and Automobiles”